19 January 2008

Wars and Rumors of Wars

4. This blog is as much about my continuing learning as it is my teaching my revealing what I know. School, as they say, is in.

A person and fellow Dragons Mist citizen of whom I consider a friend of longstanding is Moreach nic Mhaolain. She points out perforce:

I notice on your "Mundane" blog side, you call this conflict "The English Civil War". Certes it was such, if you can call any war"civil". Yet there was more than one of these internacine events and this isn't considered to be "the famous one".There was the Civil War between the heirs of William the Conqueror, starring the "Empress" Maude, King Stephen, and Maude's son and heir - Henry and a cast of confused thousands. (Nearly unknown to moderns, it was so long ago. 12th C) Then there was the later, famous, one starring King Charles, his Late Cranium, the Roundheads, and the Cavaliers. 1642 to 1651 Mayhap "War of the Roses" is less confusing term after all...?
Aside that, methinks this blog is a swell idea!

My impression had been up til now that the "War of the Roses" was a nickname for the English Civil War, but as Moreach says above, that's not quite correct on my part. I gratefully take the point, and thanks for the extra information – all of which go into this glorious public notebook.

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