17 January 2008

My "Mundane" Self

3. Another thing that would I think be fair to the readers to do is to establish my "Mundane" identity.

The SCA is as much a state of mind as it is anything else. When in persona, as I am trying to be with this blog (this is the man behind the curtain, stepping out and telling you this ... if this were a show, I'd be breaking the fourth wall) I am a scholar and artist of late-15th Century Germany, specifically a resident of Nürnberg (what latterly we call Nuremberg, an important center of population and culture in northern Bavaria).

It bears mentioning, I think, because my activities pre-school as a budding heraldic artist in the SCA was also an inspiration toward trying to muscle into the field of graphic design; heraldic art, I feel, is the ancestor of what they called "commercial art" which was the father, mother, and grandparents of what we today call graphic design.

If you wonder what I try to get away with in the day-to-day land we call Mundania (from mundane, as in ordinary, rather than in the strict Xanthan sense) follow this link to my mundane blog, The ZehnKatzen Times.

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